New Chew Fell Race

I came across the New Chew Fell Race while searching for a long hilly event that would complement my preparation for the Hardmoors 55. When I found this race I was keen to give it a go as it combines my twin loves of running long distances in the hills and orienteering! Organised by Saddleworth... Continue Reading →

Hardmoors 30

What else would you rather be doing at 8am on New Year's Day than arriving in a very gloomy Robin Hood's Bay ready to spend the day running 30 miles along the North Yorkshire coast? It goes to show how much my love of ultra running has changed my life that to me (and around... Continue Reading →

Festive Forest 20 mile

I submitted an entry for the Festive Forest race organised by Positive Steps at the last possible minute. My marathon plans for the previous weekend had been derailed by a stinking cold and I was desperate to get out and enjoy the atmosphere of an organised event, having not raced since the Lakeland 100 in... Continue Reading →

Why this runner loves the LDWA…

It may seem a little odd for a keen runner to be extolling the virtues of a walking organisation; however, I feel every long distance runner could benefit from a little bit of the Long Distance Walkers Association (or LDWA) in their life. Although set up as an organisation for walkers, the LDWA welcomes runners... Continue Reading →

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