Run Mummy! 5 reasons why Mums make great ultra runners

Despite their smaller representation, women do disproportionately well at ultra running, both in terms of competitive performance and in a smaller number of DNFs throughout the field; and as ultra running generally attracts a demographic with particularly high participation among 40-somethings, inevitably many of these ultra running women are mothers. It seems anachronistic that in... Continue Reading →

Orienteering at the JK

The JK, or Jan Kjellstrom International Festival of Orienteering to give it its full title, is one of the major events in the UK (and International) orienteering calendar. Held every year over the Easter weekend, it sees 4 days of competition between both the top orienteers and thousands of normal runners over a range of terrains... Continue Reading →

New Chew Fell Race

I came across the New Chew Fell Race while searching for a long hilly event that would complement my preparation for the Hardmoors 55. When I found this race I was keen to give it a go as it combines my twin loves of running long distances in the hills and orienteering! Organised by Saddleworth... Continue Reading →

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